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Time & Attendance Specialists

CTSTime, it’s like clockwork…

Time and Attendance biometric systems.

Accurately track & manage your workforce.

Premium time and attendance software & hardware platforms.

We also offer payroll services within our group giving us a unique footprint in ensuring staff payment from clock in, to payslip is accurate, compliant and efficient. We have extensive expertise with integrations between payroll and time systems.

Time and Attendance Software

Optimise your time and attendance controls with CTSTime software.

Automate the process of tracking employee hours.

Summary view for immediate access to clockings and totals.

Up-to-date on-screen register.

Mobile Clocking App.

Daily database backup.

Full audit trail.

Time and Attendance & Access Control Hardware


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Payroll Services

We offer Outsourced and Cloud based payroll solutions in South Africa within our group through our Contraserv company.

At Contraserv we offer solutions that take the pain out of your business payroll admin. Our team of experts will help you simplify your processes with our comprehensive payroll services and products.