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At CTSTime we focus on unlocking our Time and Attendance software capabilities to maximize your business success.

While CTSTime boasts many powerful clock system capabilities, it also caters to all your basic and advanced Time and Attendance needs.

Whether you have been using a clock system for ages or are new to the game, CTSTime will ensure that you use your clocking system capabilities to the maximum.

Your time is important to us, so we’re committed to providing you with the best possible training and support.

CTSTime Software Packages and Pricing

CTSTime Features

  • Web-based, multi-device accessibility
  • Self hosted solution if required
  • Own domain
  • Automatic Backups and Updates
  • Full system audit trail
  • Mobile clocking app for Android, IOS and Huawei (with Geofencing)
  • Push to cloud technology for physical hardware
  • Scanner monitor (for physical hardware)
  • Global Entry screen
  • Dashboard and Exception drill down
  • Reports with automation and customisation
  • Export of screens to PDF or CSV
  • Export to payroll
  • Sync data with payroll for select payrolls
  • Statistics Dashboards
  • Employee leave records
  • Advanced rostering and Excel import
  • Timeticker desktop app for tracking time spent on jobs

Clock System Capabilities

track … measure … manage …

Time and Attendance software that caters to all your shift requirements, efficient payroll integration, ensures data accuracy, and looks at employee wellness.

The correct clocking system will save your company in HR hours and provide accurate payroll data. Automate calculations for:-


  • Paid public holidays
  • Employee scheduling
  • Shift allowance
  • 24-hour shifts
  • Shift assignments
  • Shift splits and more

Reports & Dashboard

streamline … optimize … innovate …

Enjoy your dashboard which offers a unique overview of your company, its departments, and employees. Shifting away from the negative stigma associated with time and attendance this offers you a more positive approach.

Identify potential issues in advance, preventing them from becoming significant problems.

Monitor daily information and the connectivity status of your devices.


  • Full system audit trail
  • Scanner status
  • Employee clock status
  • Reports and custom report builder
  • Export screens to PDF or csv
  • Dashboard widgets with drill-down functionality

Export to Payroll

integrate … monitor … audit …

Export or integrate with your favourite payroll systems:-

  • Sage
  • Payspace
  • Pastel
  • SimplePay
  • PSlber
  • and many more…

Enjoy our export overview screen allowing you to monitor the status and progress of batches.

A full audit trail of changes, approvals, or unlocking of departments and data is kept. This ensures complete traceability of activities.

Software Security & Access Control

empower … control … protect …

CTSTime provides multiple levels of software access control. Users will only access the pages and data that they are authorised to use.

Set various levels of time approval with our export module which enables you to distribute accountability for the approval of monthly time values across multiple departments.


  • Users with access control on page and department level
  • Full user audit trail
  • Accessible via laptop, phone or tablet with an internet connection
  • Time entry screen with indicators

Employee Wellness

policing … to … proactive management

Introducing our Time and Attendance Wellness Module. A vital part of the work we do here at CTSTime.

Our unique time and attendance wellness module allows you to take a completely new approach to time and attendance.

Move from “POLICING” to PROACTIVE management.

Proactively respond to system alerts, allowing you to manage departmental or individual cases before they become problematic.

  • Employee leave records
  • Leave trends
  • Advanced rostering and Excel import
  • Timeticker app for tracking time spent on jobs